Poem – The Words

I don’t think it’s possible to talk about fear for very long and not talk about love.  Fear of loving is right up there with fear of death as a source of anxiety.  When I give my heart to another, I am really out there on a limb, whether that other person is a romantic interest, a friend, a child, or even a pet.  Love is a big risk. 

I write poems.  Once in a while, I write a good one. 

The Words

So many times
The words
sprang to my lips
in a moment of joy.

I caught my breath
and bit them off
as if they were dangerous
you might think I cared
more than I cared
to have you think.

one day in an unguarded
 (my attention
was diverted by your
The words slipped easily
through my fear.

And my heart leaped
to hear me say,
I love you.

About almondhead

I am a mental health counselor in private practice. One of the focuses of my practice is helping people with fear, anxiety and their ugly stepsister, depression. I became a counselor after a long career in the technology world, so naturally, I think of the brain as an engineering problem. It can help to understand something about how the brain works. I decided to start this blog as a way to help other people learn about fear, anxiety and relationship. (All our problems are really about relationships.) You can also find me at: www.virtuallyfearless.com www.PsychologyToday.com www.theravive.com http://www.marriagefriendlytherapists.com/
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