Dehydrated Water

I saw a gag gift once.  It was a can of “Dehydrated Water”. To get water, the instructions read, just add water.

You can dehydrate just about anything but water. Dehydrate water and you have nothing.

Water is the bottom line for most living things on this planet. Take away water and what you end up with has little to do with what you started with.

Virtually everything that is wet contains water. There are liquids that are not water, such as mercury, but is mercury really wet? I don’t think so. Wet means that something is mixed with or covered with water.

Water is so common to our everyday experience that we take it for granted. We drink it.  We wash down everything we eat with it. We may call those things milk, coffee, soda, or beer but take away the water and they are just piles of dusty residue.

If our cells were full of mercury, maybe we would boil hops in mercury to make beer.  Maybe mercury would ooze in silver puddles from our kitchen faucets. Maybe it is dumb to ask such questions.

Water is the only thing you can wash with. Even if you use something else, sand, salt, alcohol, you don’t feel clean until you wash with water.

Water is as much embedded in our psyche as it is in our cells.

Our best thoughts are the juicy ones. Love is never cold and dry but sultry and humid.
Our tears express our sadness and our best laughs.

We sweat about our fears and challenges.

Water defines who we are.  We are walking, slurping bags of water, sloshing through life.  We are drawn to wetness and avoid dryness. Did anyone ever try to sell you a skin drying lotion?

From dust we came and to dust we will return.

How have we made ourselves so complicated?

Less Than Helpful Advice

We all end up dehydrated. Meanwhile, moisturize — be happy.

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