We All Make Mistakes (Duh! Thanks for telling me.)

Have you ever made a really dumb mistake?

When bad things happen, it’s bad enough, and it’s worse when we contributed to the disaster. We forgot to pay the electric bill; we weren’t paying enough attention while driving; we screwed up somehow. Then we have the disaster plus our self-recriminations, embarrassment, even shame, to deal with.

The mentals, the spirituals, and the pundits of positive are full of advice about this.
“Hey, it could be worse.”
“If you pray, you’ll feel better.”
“If you meditate, you’ll feel better.”
“If you eat less sugar, your mood will improve.”
“Have a bowl of ice cream; that’s what works for me.”

And my personal fav: “Everyone makes mistakes.”

I don’t know about you, but when I am feeling crappy about something that happened (especially when I’m at fault), all this feel-better-fast advice makes me want to toss my lunch.

Sometimes, I want my misery and nobody’s going to tell me I can’t have it. Of course, I don’t want people to walk away. I want them to see how miserable I am.

Suffering is optional, yeah, but it can loads of fun and a great way to postpone the consequences of my mistake.

How long should I make myself miserable? There’s the rub. Sooner or later, I have to come back to reality and fix the bad that happened. And I may have to do that before I feel better about it. Crap!

And there is one more thing. Sometimes, when I make a blunder in life, there is a lesson in it for me. I HATE when that happens.

Less Than Helpful Advice
Eat a balanced diet
Get plenty of exercise
Remember to floss

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