Are You There, George?

Several actors have played God. They include Charlton Heston (1990), Alanis Morissette (1999), Morgan Freeman (2003). Charlton Heston had some previous experience having played Moses and John the Baptist.

God has a range of personalities: stern (Heston), whimsical (Morissette), genial oh god(Freeman). My favorite is the 1977 film “Oh, God,” in which George Burns played a grumpy God.

There are lots of people who believe in God, and you may be one, but think about it, you keep it quiet, don’t you? Faith is not in these days.

In my younger years I said I was agnostic. Then I adopted the popular “spiritual but not religious.” That left my options open. I pray when I am scared, blame God when things go wrong, and in general, have this take it or leave it attitude about my relationship with God. In a sense, I think I’m too cool to need a God. I’ve spent most of my life wanting there to be a God when it’s convenient?

If I were God, that would make me grumpy as hell.

I’ve been reading a book about some of the great discoveries of science over the ages. Some really smart people believed in God. They include Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. A lot of scientists thought (when it was okay to say such things) that they were looking for God’s truth.

Kepler wrote in 1595, “I wanted to become a theologian. For a long time, I was restless. Now, however, behold how, though my effort, God is being celebrated in astronomy.”

Some say they are looking for God. You can’t find God at Starbucks, or on Twitter. I’ve never gotten a text message from God. God definitely does not have a Facebook page.

Maybe it’s just that I am nearly sixty-five, the last third of life. I’ve stumbled onto a truth. Life is hard, damned hard, and relationships are even harder than that.

When I believe in God, things are easier. When I believe in God, I am calmer, happier, and less stressed. When I believe in God, I know that things will work out, even if they work out some damn fool way I never expected. When I think about that, not believing in God seems a little self-defeating. It’s like refusing a mango fruit smoothy because it might be refreshing and taste good.

Some people say there can’t be a God because so many things in life go wrong. Have you ever thought about the things that should have gone wrong, were screaming to go wrong, but somehow they didn’t?

So, Charlton, Morgan, Alanis, and George, I’m grateful that you’re there. This world would suck so badly if you weren’t.

Less than Helpful Advice

If you can’t believe in God, find something greater than yourself to believe in. Few people can get through life with any inner peace without it.

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