Planning Ahead: Does it Reduce or Increase Worry?

The Hardship of Accounting
Never ask of money spent
Where the spender thinks it went.
Nobody was ever meant
To remember or invent
What he did with every cent.
-Robert Frost

Recently I caught some interest in attending a three day seminar in June. Cost was $550. I diligently started projecting my expenses in June to see if I could afford this additional outlay. That is when my anxiety started. For those that are self-employed, June can be an expensive month.

This set off an internal conflict. I really want to do this seminar, but what if I can’t cover all my business costs in June? I dumped some wet tea leaves on my kitchen counter to see if I could read the future. All I got was a tea stain on my counter.

Planning ahead makes sense especially where money is concerned. I think that is an axiom of the universe, like the speed of light being a constant.

Isn’t it amazing though how often planning ahead leads to worry that leads to anxiety that leads to endless thinking and re-thinking?

If planning ahead really reduces your worry about something, by all means, plan on. Sometimes it is better to take another route: following your gut instinct. My gut says this seminar will be interesting, useful, and might actually help my clients and lead to new clients. It also sounds like fun.

I realize that, to a worrier, I am suggesting the unthinkable. What if I sign up for the seminar and let the chips fall where they may? What if I have a little blind faith that I’ll get through the month of June, and I will be happy that I took the seminar.

What if I decided to accept the optimistic side of “what if” and assume that things will go right rather than wrong.

Less Than Helpful Advice

Sometimes you gotta just roll the dice.



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