When Your World Tilts on Its Axis

I didn’t think Donald Trump could win.earth-1451899-640x960

I was wrong.

I held my view for two reasons. First, I didn’t believe the country would elect someone with such apparently extreme viewpoints.

I was wrong



Second, the pollsters said Clinton would most likely win.one-plus-one-1256854-639x395

They were wrong.

This morning I feel as if the world has tilted on its axis and that my world view has missed something important and I am still not sure what it was. In short, I have, at this moment, no idea what the future holds. I thought I did yesterday.

I was wrong.

What do you do when your world has tilted on its axis? Many things in life can make us feel this way: loss of a job, death of a spouse or child or other close loved one, divorce, lots of things. What do you do?

oh godIf you believe in God, you pray, and have faith that She/He is people-sling-ridestill watching over us.


If you are humanistic and believe in the basic goodness of people, you take comfort in that.


Mostly you just get up and go on with your day. Brush your teeth, make your coffee, get beautiful-set-of-teeth-1559770-639x465your kids dressed for school, do your job, take a walk. Stick to your routine.

You don’t allow your darker thoughts to hold the day. When you have them, express your fears to someone you trust, someone who cares about you. Cry if you feel like it.



hamburger-and-french-fries-1326614-639x736Eat some comfort food. I plan to have a hamburger and fries for lunch.

In other words, treat your mind and heart like you treat your body when it hurts. Take care of yourself. Your bad feelings will pass in time. Your world will right itself .




Less than Helpful Advice

Say it:face-dumbfounded-1438542-639x479

My world will right itself
My world will right itself
My world will right itself

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