My Book: Are You Wishing Your Life Away?

CS Cover Art SmallSetting goals is not about what you can do;

it’s about what you want to do.

That is the message of “Are You Wishing You Life Away?” by corporate project manager turned family counselor, Charles Hughes.

Fear and anxiety keep us doing what we’re comfortable doing, what feels safe. We scare ourselves into believing that following our dreams is too hard or too risky.

The first step is to admit what we want and make a plan for getting there. We must make a commitment to ourselves and to our goals.

Using his experience as a family counselor, Mr. Hughes suggests ways not to manage anxiety but to recognize it for what it is: a way to stay safe and avoid risk. From his thirty years of project management, Mr. Hughes offers a five-step approach to achieving goals.

If you are ready to turn your fear into enthusiasm and reach your dreams, “Are You Wishing Your Life Away?” is your book.

Where to Get the Book:

Available in e-book format on Smashwords:

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