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The science of fear and anxiety.

Three Ways that We are Special in the Universe

13.7 billion years ago, our universe began to expand. We know this because it is sung in the theme song of The Big Bang Theory, though they round up to 14. You and I began to evolve as the first … Continue reading

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How does cooking lead to neuroscience?

I was making stew. I substitute turkey breast for beef to make it more heart healthy. I reduce the rosemary called for by the recipe. I like the smell of pine; the taste not so much. I compensate by adding … Continue reading

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What about those neurowhatsits in our brain

Let’s talk a bit about the brain because so many people have been sold on the idea that the brain is run by things that are out of our control. What is the brain?  Well, it’s not a computer like … Continue reading

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Our Gut Instincts

When we are in pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, we often engage in behaviors to comfort ourselves. Some of these behaviors are not as healthy as others and include over eating, using drugs or alcohol, sleeping too much or … Continue reading

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A Better Brain?

So, how did a bigger and better brain cause so much difficulty when it comes to fear and and anxiety?  Imagine the following: You are crossing the street.  Suddenly, your body tingles, your heart rate increases, you freeze and, from … Continue reading

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