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Can Friendships Survive Political Differences?

I have a group of men friends who get together once a month to eat and talk. We have a rule that during this monthly meeting, we do not discuss work, sports, or politics. In other words, we want to … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Universe Does Not Behave as it Should

I find that life is full of crappy inconveniences that crank up my emotions. The words that usually fit are “this is not fair” , “why me”, or “how can they be so stupid?” Yes, I am sure the universe spends inordinate amounts of time trying to annoy me. Continue reading

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You Wanna Butt Heads With Me?

Goats are the gentlest of souls. Yet, sometimes, even the nicest, easy going goat needs to say “Stop messing with me!” Anger gets a bad rap because often people go overboard. They think that expressing anger means yelling, calling names, … Continue reading

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Mad as Hell!

They all left me behind. I don’t know where they went, but I was stuck finishing the packing. There were items of clothing, blankets, a DVD, and various other things that might have to be left behind. There were two … Continue reading

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