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Spring Cleaning

I recall, when I was a kid, the scent of Spring mixed with the smell of detergent and Pledge.  These smells became planted in my brain. They represent the end of the winter sequester, when playing outside meant coat and boots … Continue reading

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Unplugging had a strange effect on me. Before I left for my favorite B&B on the shore of Lake Michigan, I left greetings on my business and personal cell phones that I would not be returning calls for a week. … Continue reading

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How My Cat Learned to Trust Again

When I brought home my cat Jacquez, age six months, he was about one-third the size of my older cat, Ben.  I was afraid to let them play freely because they would start to scrap and I thought Ben might … Continue reading

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Cats and Bags and Yoga Mats

I shop at Trader Joe’s a lot and they use paper bags with paper loop handles on them, one on each side. I place a TJ Bag on the floor near my front door and use it for paper recycling. … Continue reading

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