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As I sat with a group of friends, we related our experiences with Christmas as children and then later as adults. Most of us had fond memories of childhood Yule, family traditions, food, the magic of Christmas morning. That was … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol, 2015

We see them almost every day. They are sitting or walking on the street as if they have nowhere to go and nothing better to do. We look past them and go on our way. If they would only stop … Continue reading

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I’m a Bit of a Scrooge

I get in the Christmas spirit around December 23rd. That is when I stop begrudging the season for being too expensive, too busy, too many people in stores, too commercial, or for coming only once a year. Maybe it’s panic … Continue reading

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We Are All Less Fortunate

A friend said to me that we have to be concerned with “those less fortunate than ourselves.”  Of course, I agreed. Who could disagree? Then I wondered what does that phrase mean: those less fortunate than ourselves. I assume that … Continue reading

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A Christmas Poem

On Christmas morning, Standing before the tree, Lights dazzling; Packages calling my name from every corner of the room. Snow has fallen overnight. The world outside is white. Our living room (just a room when I went to bed) Is … Continue reading

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