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This is My Life Now

Do any of these lamentations fit? I used to be married or had a relationship. I used to have a job I liked. I used to have more money. I used to have lunch with mom every Sunday but she … Continue reading

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Life Sucks, Doesn’t it?

Sometimes people say, “you are choosing to be depressed.” It’s insulting to people who feel depressed. Who would choose to be depressed? Life can be depressing at times. It can make you feel low, worthless, hopeless, all kinds of bad … Continue reading


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Finding Our Roots; An Easter Sunday Reflection

It was Easter Sunday. I awoke with nothing on my agenda for that day. Since I don’t have family in the area, and Easter is a very family holiday, I didn’t look forward to a family dinner of something of … Continue reading

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A Leaf Falls – Loneliness

In high school, I was really into certain poets, including Carl Sandburg, T.S. Eliot, and e. e. cummings.  Somehow, much of their poetry seemed to fit my ‘loner’ state of mind. After all, it was the 60s: Vietnam, protests, down … Continue reading

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